Tack and Accessories

Big Sky Horse Leasing Tack


Our Riding Package includes a saddle, bridle, pad and halter. Any accessories are extra.

Our Pack Package includes a halter and lead rope, pack saddle (decker), pad and one set of soft side paniers. Hard side paniers or any additional accessories are extra.

Riding Packages: $100 per horse

Pack Packages: $100 per horse


Accessories are priced individually and you can see the prices next to each one.

Hard Side Pack Boxes are not included in with a Pack Package which includes a set of soft side paniers (bags).

Hard side Pack Boxes: $50 per set

Wall Tents (Canvas) :

  • 10 X 12 – $89
    • Add a Stove for $50
  • 12 X 14 – $119
    • Add a Stove for $50

Rifle Scabbard: $25 per scabbard

Saddle Bags: $15 per set